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May 14, 2009


Ken Peters

Good point. And I'm sure she does.


healthy story-telling should include both insider and outsider perspectives. I think that was part of the 'testimony night' problem, Ken -- we just heard one side of the story (the subjective/ego-driven side). if my wife doesn't believe that I am getting more Christ-like, then I'm probably not -- even if I can tell a good story :)

Ken Peters

Was it "modernists" who used to have testimony nights in church in the 70's? Cause that's what I'm recalling from my old (young) days as I read Jim's comment. Jim's probably referring to something a little less "hick" than my old memories, but doesn't it seem to be that in all our talk of modernism and post-modernism, the post-modernists are thinking more like pre-modernists? I don't know. It just seems like we're traveling through time in a circular motion as though we've been this way before. It reminds me now a little of Dylan: I was so much older then, I'm younger now.

Jim Street


I had a similar thought. The idea of a 'scorecard' is off-putting and as you note a throw back to the (still prevalent) modernist vision of things. I find the language of 'scorecard' repugnant. (About as repugnant as the trend I am observing in the wake of The Shack to call God "Papa"!)

I also agree that we do need to develop some ways of making our more abstract language operational...otherwise, how will we know whether we are making progress in, e.g., the criteria you list above?

As an ex (and old!) behaviorist, it seems to me that part of the value of some form of publicly available measure is critical for a group to know whether progress is being made.

Perhaps that can be accomplished, at least in part, through a constant invitation to what a friend of mine calls a "story fest'...i.e. giving time/space to members of the Body to share their stories of such victories.

Can someone tell us a story of how someone questioned you about your hope this week? Can someone tell us a story about a time when someone gave praise to God because of a blessing you bestowed? Can a few of you tell us about how you blessed your neighborhood this week?

Oh..I feel a blog post coming on! Thank you for your thoughts!

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